Why long-distance cruising?

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Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today.

We’ve stolen this motto from the previous owners of Ella (then Haze), Jesper and Stine, partly to create continuity for our beautiful ship, but primarily because it so well catches the reason for embarking on long-distance cruising. Where life is your project. Where nature sets the rules. Where travelling is slow. Where your soul can keep pace. Where you live close, in dependence of each other. Where you can be challenged. Where the mean of transportation is your own. And not least, where you can explore new cultures, people and places.


Henrik: Circumnavigation has been a long-standing dream. I was inspired by Erik Wedersøe, who built “Gitte Gry” and sailed around the world in the 1980’s. The chance to fulfil the vision has now presented itself, and I look forward to feeling that I’m living! To taking the lead in my own life, instead of “blindly” following the comfortable standards of our privileged society. To developing from the responsibility of having a crew and handling new situations.

Benedikte: I’ve travelled whenever I could, and Henrik’s dream was thus perfectly in line with my own aspirations. Cruising is an adventurous opportunity to expand our horizons and to experience that life can be lived in several ways. I look forward to the modesty that is necessary aboard a ship and to contributing to the establishment of a well-functioning small Ella society.


Obviously, we can’t realize our project without a great crew! If you would like to join our adventure, please refer to “Crewing on Ella”.