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Welcome to the ELLA´s online web-shop!

If you like our project, you can support us by buying some of the exquisite merchandise presented below.

Special prices just for you!

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 Wife beater
Form-fitting white ribbed tank top worn by sailor dudes and duderinas.
Brad Pitt looks damn good in a wife beater, and so will you.
Our price 457,00  DKK
 Gangsta hat
The gangsta hat is worn by ghetto sailor people.
Heard in the marina: “dangg da’, the bill on that gangsta hat will put yo eye out”.
Our price 419,00  DKK
Instrument placed over the eyes to block out harmful UV rays.
Normal people use them to disguise themselves as celebrities.
Our price 1549,00  DKK
 Selfie stick
Some may say selfie sticks are a joke. The Louvre has banned the selfie stick. Nevertheless, it is time to go crazy banana with the custom-made Ella selfie stick.
Our price 759,00  DKK
 Ella bag
The Ella tote bag can be used as a grab bag, bag for beers, or simply for showing off.
Our price 419,00  DKK