We made it to Oslo!

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The bubble in the Copenhagen Warehouse ended up lasting “a tiny bit” longer than we had expected… After some intense working months, we were therefore more than happy seeing the missing components back in their right element in mid-July – just in time to get ready for the summer voyage to Oslo, which would have been much less fun without masts 😉 

We did become ready, although only after more intense working efforts, late nights and much appreciated understanding and help from our first crew member Magnus. Departure had been scheduled to Sunday morning (Aug 2), but was delayed until Monday evening, so we jumped into nightly navigation to start our sailing season with style… Luckily, the wind was favourable, and we flew forward at a speed of 6-7 knots, with only one of the two new roller furling headsails up (which beyond doubt is Henrik’s pride – and they indeed proved their worth!).

After 29 hours, roller coaster waves and exciting navigation, again at night, in the Swedish archipelago, we reached Marstrand, where our second crew member, Kirstine, joined us the next morning.

The Swedish archipelago is no less than enchanting – and we were not the only sailors with this opinion, despite the season drawing to a close. It showed from its best side under a blue sky, with colourful, wooden houses, picturesque lighthouses on stand-alone rocks, lively seafood restaurants by the shore, scenic natural harbours and narrow sounds. You do not arrive late to your mother-in-law’s birthday party in Oslo (right, Henrik?), so our visit was limited to Lysekil and Strömstad, but there is every reason to come back!

With the sun still shining, sailing through the Oslofjord was no less charming. Mooring in the “canal” in Moss was too exciting, but we somehow managed to save the rig from the fast-approaching low bridge, and dinner at Benedikte’s friend Hilde’s and her family was a good way of getting the level of adrenaline back to near normal. 

What an emotional feeling to spot Oslo, Benedikte’s second home town, Saturday evening (Aug. 8), having completed the well-known voyage by own power this time: We made it to Oslo!! 

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