The Caribbean Express

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Express – Ella?! No, no, don’t worry, we haven’t turned the fat lady into an express boat. Yet we have sailed through the Caribbean in such a high pace that you might begin to wonder. People spend years in these waters – we spent 6 weeks. A necessary trade-off when wanting to enter the Pacific this year (while still being completely outperformed by the cruise ships, who can travel the same distances within a week!).

Express travelling calls for express descriptions of the selected beautiful Caribbean spots that we after all did have the pleasure of visiting:

: France in the Caribbean. Don’t miss the peaceful garden “Le Jardin de Balata” and the Fireworks in Fort-de-France on December 30, should you visit that time of year!

IMG_4279 IMG_4282

St. Lucia
: “Welcome to Paradise” (as we were told when entering Soufrière bay). “Maximum chill-out at the island” (as we were told on Hummingbird Beach in Soufrière). Majestetic “Pitons”.

IMG_4452 IMG_4493

Union Island
: A laid-back walkable island. Make sure to visit the cosy winebar “The Loft”, and go to a gospel service Sunday morning!

IMG_4508 IMG_4558

: Up a hill and down a hill, i.e. yet another walkable island (we like those!!). Beautiful beaches, coral reefs and a splendid view of the other Grenadines.

Tobago Cays: Sea turtles just off the boat and excellent snorkeling.

Grenada: Local “reggae busses” (in some of which you doubt that you will survive…), nutmeg, cocoa plantations and chocolate production, great food at “Fish Friday” in Gouyave, lush green landscape around the Seven Sisters Waterfall.

IMG_4650 IMG_4667

Bonaire: Diving, diving and diving. A morning swim directly from the boat in the surrounding turquoise waters. Mountains of salt and shy flamingos.

IMG_4826 IMG_4959 IMG_4908

: Mostly seen from within Saint Elisabeth Hospital due to a collapsed lung of Henrik’s (cannot be recommended). Which, however, also meant that we were so much delayed that we had the chance to enjoy the island’s great Carnival!

IMG_4991 IMG_5105