Status 69 days after departure

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  • Distance sailed: 1908 nautical miles (3533 km)
  • Longest leg: Falmouth-A Coruña; 448 nautical miles (829 km)
  • Countries: Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal (= 8)
  • Crew members: Nina, Mikkel, Maimuna, Kristin, Matias, Preben, Rasmus, Alberthe (= 8)
  • Best marina facilities: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Most simple marina facilities: Muxia, Spain
  • Most expensive marina: Falmouth, UK (406 DKK/night)
  • Cheapest marina: Leixoes, Portugal (178 DKK/night)
  • Most beautiful place: Anchoring at Cíes Islands, Spain
  • Less beautiful place: Zeebrugge (probably better with less rain and less wind…)
  • Best decision: Saving Scotland and the North Sea for later
  • Best nature experience: Whales in the Bay of Biscay
  • Best feeling: Arrival in A Coruña after the crossing of the Biscay
  • Funniest moment: Unwillingly addressing the Southern Coast Guard “Southern Comfort” on the VHF (was not commented by the coast guard…)
  • Most unexpected: Plastic encounter = a visit to Brixham, UK
  • Other long distance cruisers we keep meeting: Freja (DK), Baroness (N)
  • Best home-made meal: Scallops freshly caught by the neighbouring fishing boat in Falmouth, UK, pan-fried with salt and pepper
  • Best restaurant: Galician tapas at Aoregueifa, Vigo, Spain

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