Status 146 days after departure

Posted on 27.11.2016 Comments Off on Status 146 days after departure
  • Distance sailed: 4065 nautical miles (7528 km)
  • Longest leg: San Sebastián de La Gomera (Spain)-Palmeira, Sal (Cape Verde); 789 nautical miles (1461 km)
  • Countries: Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Cape Verde (= 9)
  • Crew members: Nina, Mikkel, Maimuna, Kristin, Matias, Preben, Rasmus, Alberthe, Mads, Grete, Andreas, Bo, Tommy, Mikkel (welcome back!) (= 13)
  • Best marina facilities: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Most simple marina facilities: Nazaré, Portugal
  • Most expensive marina: Falmouth, UK (406 DKK/night)
  • Cheapest marina: Leixoes, Portugal (178 DKK/night)
  • Most beautiful place: Mount Teide, Tenerife
  • Less beautiful place: Zeebrugge (probably better with less rain and less wind…)
  • Best decision: Aborting trip to Madeira volume 1 and make a non-planned (but pleasant) stop in Sesimbra, waiting for better weather
  • Best nature experience: Dolphins and flying fish on the way to Cape Verde
  • Best feeling: Reaching Cape Verde, i.e. leaving Europe!
  • Funniest moment: Finding out that three of the crew members during Ella’s (then Haze) previous passage of the Atlantic from Cape Verde were named Mads, Mikkel and Bo – just like three of our crew members on the upcoming crossing 😉
  • Most unexpected: Madeira and the Canary Islands are not simply tourist traps 🙂
  • Other long distance cruisers we keep meeting: Freja (DK), Gorm den Gamle (DK), Barolo (DK), Cleo (F)
  • Best home-made meal: Hawai (with fresh pineapple) and Parma/Gorgonzola pizza
  • Best restaurant: Wine Bar do Castelo, Lisbon, Portugal