Sailing round the clock

Posted on 21.10.2016 Comments Off on Sailing round the clock

Sailing more than a day’s distance is always something special. Sesimbra – Madeira was even longer than the Biscay (4.5 days), and the following leg to Gran Canaria almost the same (2.75 days). And we have plenty of Bays of Biscays in front of us!

What do we do during these passages?

We alternate for the watch (traffic, navigation, sail/motor adjustments).
We attempt to getting used to the everlasting swinging.
We cook – the dishes depending on the size of the waves 😉
We talk about what we are going to cook.
We fish (or try to…).
We sleep at odd hours (When you have the watch in the middle of the night, you have to be awake!).
We adjust the sails according to the weather (which has a tendency to shift from time to time).
We read (if we’re not seasick…!).
We play games.
We watch for dolphins, whales and other interesting ocean creatures.
We are highly entertained by the dolphins, whales and other interesting ocean creatures, once they render us a visit.
We watch the stars, the moon and bioluminescent marine life.
In lack of wind, we stop for a dip in the blue blue sea, at 4000 metres of depth!
We celebrate the half way with apple cake.
We bake sourdough rye bread.
We tell each other stories.
We’re quiet together, letting our thoughts fly (philosophic or not).
We are happy once we see land again!