Reciprocal expectations

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As a crewmate on Ella, you can expect that:

  • Safety comes first and will not be compromised.
  • We communicate clearly (primarily in Danish or English).
  • Your craving for adventure will be met.
  • We have fun.


From a crewmate on Ella, we expect that:

  • Adventure and humour are not foreign words to you.
  • Living close does not scare you.
  • You can enter into social relations.
  • You are willing to learn how to sail (if you don’t already know it).
  • You take part in daily routines (sailing shifts, cooking, cleaning and maintenance).
  • You obey the safety and ship rules.
  • You speak up if you’re dissatisfied with anything, such that problematic issues can be
  • discussed and a solution found.
  • You are prepared for changes of plans due to weather conditions or necessary repairs.


Details on reciprocal expectations and practical information can be found in the “The Ella Handbook” that every crewmember should read and accept.