One new thing every day

Posted on 14.09.2017 Comments Off on One new thing every day

Dear Henrik,

You did not tell me that in the course of the Ella project, I would:

  • Polish Ella’s bottom until I couldn’t feel my fingers in the April cold of Copenhagen
  • Take our diving bottles for a walk in the harbor’s cart in the hills of Falmouth, just to find out that they were not compatible with British bottles and thus could not be serviced
  • Take a taxi from the center of Lisbon to its industrial quarters, to find out that exhaust pipe is three times more expensive in Portugal than in Denmark…
  • Drive around half of Gran Canaria and half of Martinique in the quest of an adaptor that would fit our gas bottles
  • Improve my technical French and Spanish when communicating with craftsmen in various French- and Spanish-speaking countries (and at the same time improving my technical skills just a little bit)
  • Negotiate decent car rental deals in Martinique and Curacao
  • Be able to raise you up in the main mast on my own (as long as you help out on the way)
  • Become friends with a polishing machine
  • Drive back and forth from Curacao Yacht Club to St. Elisabeth Hospital 55 times
  • Be the stand-in captain of Ella for some months in Curacao
  • Become a skilled metal polisher
  • Install a new foot pump for the sink in the galley
  • Polish Ella’s bottom until I was drowned in sweat in the June heat of Willemstad
  • Know the difference between coal tar epoxy, primer, anti-fouling, one-component and two-component paint
  • Buy stuff for Ella in Harald Nyborg during my Nordic visit as if it were the most natural action in the world
  • Bring a heavy high-pressure pump safely from Denmark to Curacao without it being removed from my luggage
  • Paint a smiley on the keel of Ella
  • Feel like a local Colombian when walking in the mid-day heat through the streets of Santa Marta with our headsail in a cart in the hunt for a shoemaker who would be able to fix its flaw
  • Carry our headsail (again!) on my back in the mid-day heat (again!) from Club de Pesca to Centro Comercial de Getsemaní in Cartagena, just to find out that the seamstress with whom we had made an appointment the day before was not there to fix its (new) flaw – and then carry it back
  • Try to cover the leak in Onja with one hand and at the same time pump with the other, while riding back to Ella from the beach in Puerto Velero (the start of the end of Onja…)
  • Rinse Ella’s bottom aided by snorkel and fins in the beautiful waters of San Blas
  • Write such a kind of love letter to you

… to mention some of the new things I have tried (as I have read somewhere that you should aim for every day).

Hugs & kisses,