On the Atlantic with Ella

Posted on 13.02.2017 Comments Off on On the Atlantic with Ella

Version #1

My fishing career is one week old, and the bell is now ringing, indicating that something is going on at the back of the boat. Indeed, there is resistance in the line, and I start pulling it in. Bright green, blue and yellow colours appear below the surface, and all of a sudden, the dorado (or mahi-mahi or dolphinfish if you prefer) leaps out of the water! Luckily, it’s still hanging onto the line. Tommy is ready with the hook, and we get the beautiful fish on board, where it terminates its life with a knock on the head. 8,5 kg! Almost as big as me! The next couple of days, we eat dorado lasagna, dorado cakes, dorado steaks… And we do not complain 🙂

I take new-baked rolls out of the oven and finish Hemingway’s The Old Man and The Sea while watching the huge waves rolling by. Before the delightful sunset, dolphins are playing around at the bow, and we have supper prepared by Mads (with the secret ingredient “love”!). When dark has fallen (except for the moon that is), it’s time for today’s Christmas story about the goblin “Hyggen” (we should not forget the December countdown). A calm night filled with stars and a shooting one as bright as fireworks lies ahead of us.

Version #2

I’m tired after a night visited by numerous squalls (sudden increases in wind speed), and the sink is filled with dishes. Our mattress is soaking wet because of a leak in the skylight, and while preparing our spare air mattress, I become soaking wet myself because of a wave crashing in through the skylight (why on earth did I ever leave it open?!).
I try to prepare scrambled eggs for lunch, but half of them end up on the galley table instead of the pan, while I am frying the sausages (my mistake: open the eggs once you have finished frying the sausages, not before…). I keep forgetting that I only have two hands, one of them always being occupied for holding on not to tumble over. I cannot stand this rocking any more…

We sat our feet on Martinique after 18 days, some version #1 and some version #2 (which one would you prefer?). The sense of time at sea is different than on land: the first 18 days on land felt much longer than those 18 days at sea. Before the Atlantic crossing, we did not know how we would react to days and days with nothing but the ocean around us, but we did not become crazy 😉 On the day before Christmas, we thus decided to head towards the Pacific, which will offer days and days and days at sea!