How much food?

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Have you ever wondered how much food will satiate four men and a lady during an 18 day Atlantic crossing? No, right? Here’s one of the answers:


Fruits & Vegetables Dairy Meat/fish
36 oranges 1 pumpkin 6 small yoghurts 1 kg sandwich ham
12 apples 1 white cabbage 2 big yoghurts 100 g salami
21 bananas 15 carrots 750 g butter 3 packages of bacon
2 lemons 3 peppers 600 g Philadelpia 6 packages of 4 sausages
Garlic 6 tomatoes 0,5 kg gouda cheese 0,5 kg pork
Ginger 4 cucumbers 1,5 kg edam cheese 1 kg minced beef
21 onions 3 avocados 200 g parmesan 2 dorados (3 kg + 8,5 kg, caught en route !)
40 small potatoes 1 fresh mozzarella
48 eggs


Cans (standard sizes) Flour and grains Dried goods
8x peeled tomatoes 2x green peas 3,5 kg oat meal 1 kg basmati rice
3x tomato paste 6x corn (small) 3 kg wheat flour 2 kg long rice
1x kidney beans 3x tuna 2 kg rye flour 500 g pudding rice
1x chickpeas 5x mackerel in tomato sauce 1 kg rye grains 500 g noodles
1x black-eyed peas 2x cocktail sausages 400 g sesame seeds 1 kg macaroni
5x champignons 1x clams 400 g sunflower seeds 1 kg pasta screws
2 glasses of mushrooms 2x asparagus 300 g pumpkin seeds 500 g wholemeal spaghetti
1 glass of beansprouts 3x coconut milk 200 g walnuts 500 g green lentils
1 glass of green beans 7x cream (200 mL each) 400 g almonds 500 g couscous
2 glasses of baby corn 1x green olives 5 packages of dried yeast 20 wholemeal tortillas
0,5 kg sugar 2 packages of crispbread
700 g raisins 1 L olive oil


Miscellaneous for cooking Stewed meat

(approx. 500 g/glass)

For the bread Snacks
1 glass of curry paste 1x turkey 3 small glasses of paté 4 packages of cookies
1 glass of green pesto 1x chicken 1 fuet sausage 700 g chocolate
1 glass of sundried tomatoes 2x beef 1 chorizo sausage 60 müesli bars
1 glass of jalapeños 2x pork 2 glasses of nutella 3 bags of peanuts
1 glass of texmex salsa 1 glass of jam 1 bag of corn for popcorn
1 glass of sweet chili sauce 1 carrot cake (”shake and bake”)
1 glass of soy sauce 1 chocolate cake (”shake and bake”)
Salt, pepper & spices


Beverages For the household
450 L water 6 rolls of kitchen towels
10 L milk 8 rolls of toilet paper
10 L juice Dish detergent
6 L coke Freezing bags
1 package of coffee Aluminum foil
1 package of tea Cling wrap


  • Dishwashing (and showering) was done in salt water.
  • We could have brought more fruits and vegetables, which we ran out of on days 14 and 17, respectively. Tomatoes, avocados and bananas were not ripe when bought, which was a good trick to make the greens last longer.
  • In the end, we were looking forward to eating something else than sandwich ham 😉
  • We had not planned the evening menus, being up to the cook of the day based on available commodities.
  • Stewed meat is a winner! This was made in advance using a pressure cooker.
  • We baked 5 rye breads, 70 whole grain buns and a birthday cake during the passage.


Preparation for stewing of meat

Provisioning way more food than needed