Ella-Bay of Biscay: 1-0

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There are many stories about the Bay of Biscay – and admittedly, we embarked on its crossing with deep respect and belly butterflies. But then again, we were eager and ready to getting started with this so far most challenging leg, after a week or so in Falmouth, in the South of England, where we had done what should be done in order to avoid being the main character of the next story about the Biscay: waiting for a sensible weather forecast. And as many sailors before us, after the advent of weather forecasts, that is (yes: most stories about the Biscay stem from the time when “weather forecast” was a non-existing word), we experienced that the Bay was not as frightening as we had feared.

Biiiiiig, looooong waves: yes (hold on to your hat or it will fall off)! Being more challenging to the crew than to the fat lady – she indeed is built for ocean cruising 🙂 3-4 km of depth: yes! Sea sickness: a little… Whales: yes! Dolphins: yes! Water of a deep, deep blue color: yes!

Blue, blue ocean

Henrik’s pancakes with our homemade blackberries-from-Truro-jam: yes!

Blackberries from Truro…

… turned into pancake jam!

4 hours watch, 6 hours rest, 4 hours watch, 6 hours rest for each of the five crew members, Matias, Rasmus, Preben, Henrik and Benedikte: yes! Arrival in A Coruña in the North of Spain after 89 hours at sea: yes! Did we make it: YES! Are we happy, proud and relieved: GUESS THREE TIMES!

Although the South of England had surprised us in a very positive way (I guess we had been ignorants – of course, so many Brits cannot be wrong regarding their holiday destination), and Falmouth had it all (Fish & Chips, great cider, castle, stone church, tidal water, charming streets full of life) – now that we’ve come to sunny Spain, tapas, tinto de verano and Sangria, we do not long back (sorry Falmouth…)!

We made the Bay!

The crew in sunny A Coruña

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