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Working on the mast in a cold warehouse in February 2015 has one big similarity with being with Ella in Rødvig boatyard in the south of Zealand, as we were in the spring of 2014: the feeling of moving around in a bubble, far away from “civilisation”. While Rødvig indeed is in the countryside, an hour’s drive from Copenhagen, we are now situated only 10 min from the centre of our capital, but the bubble sensation is just as intense. There is something special and appealing about sailing communities!

We’ve changed focus from the contrete of the hull and smelly painting in imaginable and unimaginable ways (who would have thought we would ever need to know the difference between one-component and two-component painting?) to fragrant Oregon pine, scraping and sanding. This time, we’re dealing with winter chilly temperatures, as compared to the pleasant late spring that showed off from its best side in Rødvig, but the goal is the same: getting ready for big adventures with Ella…

A big thank you to our highly appreciated helpers, who had a share in transforming Ella into a blue beauty!

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