ABC vs. Colombia

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  A(ruba) B(onaire) C(uracao) Colombia
Ups Flamingos & pelicans & iguanas

White beaches

Arikok National Park



Turquoise waters

Accessible by scooter

Flamingos & iguanas

Beautiful beaches

Christoffel & Shete Boka National Parks

Street parades

Pelicans & monkeys & sloths & butterflies




Colonial style houses

Charming plazas

Awesome nature

Lush & green


Downs Expensive


Hotels and resorts

Too many tourists

Arid nature


Collapsed lung

Chinese supermarkets all over

Arid nature

Collapsed lung

5 months


Big cars & motor yachts

Car dependency

Too much garbage

Too much BBQ

Arid nature

Engine failure

Anchorage drifting

Less appealing water/beaches


Temperature Hotter Hot Hotter Even hotter & higher humidity
Food Expensive Expensive Expensive Cheap
Street food Non-existent Less common Greasy (except for nice fruit batidos)


Trucks coming out at night

Greasy (except for lovely fruit and juice stalls)


Small carts around all day

Ice cream index Even more expensive Reasonable & good Too expensive Cheap
Beer index Extremely expensive Expensive Expensive Payable
Noise level Casino coin machines Quiet on a Caribbean scale Salsa Salsa, salsa, salsa from 6 AM to late at night
Clearance Free

Compulsory docking at uncomfortable dock both at arrival and departure to get in touch with customs and immigration





Customs and immigration at two different locations, far from marina/anchorage



Agent and payment necessary in every port

Process much less complicated than described in pilot guides

Towing NA (phew!) NA (phew!) Expensive

Very professional

Very expensive

Dodgy deal

Suggestions Stop building resorts


Not really 🙂 Cheaper ice cream

Introduce electricity-driven cars on this tiny island

Improve cycling infrastructure

Improve public transportation

Introduce recycling

(Admitted: we are influenced by a Nordic life style)

Remove payment at every port and be content with the cruising permit valid for the whole country
Ella judgement